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It'll be Retconned, Right?
Strip uploaded Saturday, September 01, 2012
It'll be Retconned, Right?
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Superheroes Never Die

Sat, 1st Sep 2012, at 09:11 EST
Posted by WolfLord
If you haven't heard, City of Heroes has been canceled.

It may seem silly, I guess, but City of Heroes meant a lot to me; more than I realized, I guess. Apparently you can get quite attached to something in 8 years, and although I knew it wouldn't be around forever, I figured... it sort of would be.

I'd love to write more, to dwell on the good times, but honestly the suddenness of it all, no warning, just NCSoft axing Paragon Studios outright... It's left me in a bit of a malaise. Somehow a BCE seemed a fitting tribute in my mind, and so here we are.

Best of luck to all the amazing developers in the future.
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Created by Icepick
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