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Guest Artist "Week"
Strip uploaded Sunday, September 12, 2004
Guest Artist
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Or Maybe I Mean "Artist"

Sun, 12th Sep 2004, at 21:18 EST
Posted by WolfLord
Well, as the strip says, the first guest week wasn't exactly successful, but I didn't imagine it would be, heh. If our readers are anything like me and Ice, they just don't get around to doing what they would like to in a timely fashion. But that's ok, it just means our readers really understand us. Yup. Connection on a personal level. I feel the love. We're having a moment right now. Can you feel that? Oh yeah.

Sun, 12th Sep 2004, at 21:22 EST
Posted by Icepick
Im kinda dissapointed actually, I was expecting at least 2 comics. Infact, the one person I most expected to make a comic didnt, and some other guy who should of didn't either. You guys suck. You know who you are.

In other news, I updated the comment dealy - the text at the top is now a link, and when you click it, all the comments made on the current strip will be displayed, not just the last 10.
Really 1337 Comic Thing.
Created by Icepick
Comments for 'Guest Artist "Week"'
Posted by ShadowWarrior
Nakes neott? Um...ok...
Posted by Rkiver
Should have, not should of =P
Posted by AgentX
Posted by Miah-san
Untimely Awayness is my excuse. *nods*
Posted by LLamaBoy
I tried to make one, but I can't draw stick men :|
Posted by Pathy
I'm innocent! You expected nothing of me, NOTHING!
Posted by Some other guy
Posted by false
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