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TCF Sucks
Strip uploaded Monday, May 10, 2004
TCF Sucks
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Banking Fun

Mon, 10th May 2004, at 23:26 EST
Posted by WolfLord
My current bank, which shall remain nameless, has been screwing me over with these crazy fees. And giving me the runaround when I talk to tellers and whatnot. They are basically incompetent in any form you can imagine. Enough about them for now.

If anyone in the future from the game industry is reading this, please take me to E3. I mean someone reading the archives obviously, not someone IN THE FUTURE reading today. Although that might be more impressive actually... Anyway, I'd be willing to travel in a suitcase or something if need be... Please?

Going back to City of Heroes (no, they aren't paying me to whore myself over the game, but I'd be willing...) I'm level 10 now, and I'm hitting some missions that are providing a bit of a challenge, so I'm going to have to start either playing a lot more defensive, or see about a group. I'll probably be going for the former, as that's how I like to play. However, if I start getting my ass handed to me, I guess I'll have information for you on group dynamics in CoH.

I guess that's about it for now. Ice might not post, he's more full of hate than usual.
We Could Be Heroes...

Thu, 13th May 2004, at 23:53 EST
Posted by WolfLord
So a certain silly bastard who shall remain nameless, for real this time, had this to say:

<Silly_Bastard> City of Heroes eh?
<Silly_Bastard> Is that that superhero game?
<Silly_Bastard> Where you can make your own superhero fag?
<Silly_Bastard> That wears tights!

So I decided to post a pic of my character to show that not all heroes have to wear tights. Here is my super amazing kickass master of fire hero:

Too Lazy For My Shirt

Sat, 15th May 2004, at 02:26 EST
Posted by WolfLord
New comic will be posted sometime tonight, after I go to sleep and get up, I promise.
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