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Be Careful What You Ask For
Strip uploaded Monday, February 02, 2004
Be Careful What You Ask For
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Mon, 2nd Feb 2004, at 20:37 EST
Posted by WolfLord
For those of you who don't know TimTim (which would be, at the time of this posting, nobody), he is a member of the same IRC community myself and Ice inhabit. This is actually based on a true conversation, and it formed in my head while he was asking. Inspiration comes from all over!
Adding to this, we aren't really looking for guest strips or anything right this second (unless they happen to be from famous well established webcomic artist type of people). Thanks.
Its a new episode!

Mon, 2nd Feb 2004, at 20:42 EST
Posted by Icepick
For those that haven't been paying attention (or who have just found the comic, as odd as that may seem to me), this, and all following strips, will be completely new, made either that day, or the day before.
Really 1337 Comic Thing.
Created by Icepick
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